Comodo Time Machine

Free system rollback utility.  Available here.

This is a great concept, terrible software. Avoid it like the plague, unless you want to reinstall a system from scratch. I had this running on two 32 bit XP systems for several months and had the system set up to delete old snapshots, but the cleanup did not seem to occur. The system eventually started saying that it was out of space, despite disk properties indicating that there was plenty of disk space available. The space issues ultimately lead to delayed write failures. If the deletion of old snapshots had occurred as scheduled, this software may have lived up to the claims. For me, it created far more work than it saved me from.

Given constant disk space issues, I decided to uninstall. The situation went from bad to much worse. I thought my best chance for removal was via the console that is accessible by pressing the home key during system startup, I was wrong. I chose a restore point, but received a useless cryptic error message during removal. My system locked up, I had no choice, but to power it off, cross my fingers and hope for a successful restart. This did not happen; instead I was greeted with a blue screen indicating that one of the VGA system files was missing. I tried several methods of getting the missing file back, none were successful; I resigned myself to the fact that I would be reinstalling this system from scratch. I needed to uninstall from the second system because of the same issues.

Given my previous experience with the uninstall, I imaged this system beforehand, other than never installing Time Machine, this is the best decision I could have made. The uninstall from the boot console failed again. I restored the image and attempted to remove Time Machine via add/remove programs, it failed on the first PC, but was successful on the second. Since my first removal attempt resulted in the loss of a machine, I searched the Comodo forums in the hope of finding some information on how to successfully uninstall this software. I found entries from others whose experiences were similar to mine, but I found no information on removal options if something has gone wrong. If that happens, it would seem that only two options are available, restore from a pre Time Machine backup, or reinstall the system from scratch.

Your experience may differ from mine, if so, consider yourself very lucky. I realize that Comodo cannot test every possible system configuration, but given my experience and the similar complaints I found in their forums, it seems that they have done very little testing before releasing this software to the public. I feel that this software needs to be pulled from their web site until further testing and development has happened. It is more of a disservice than a benefit in its current state. I realize that everyone’s experience may be different, but such a positive review does make me wonder how long the author has worked with Time Machine before writing this review.

Initially, I felt that this could be the savior of many of my client’s systems, such capabilities for free were a dream come true, or so I thought, but after having it installed for a few months, the dream turned to a nightmare. I would never install this on another system, even if it evolves to version 10 or beyond. If you do choose to test this software, good luck. Test for a few months at the very least, and on a non production system.


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