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Fix: Desktop does not refresh automatically in Windows 7

December 28, 2011!+Mail

Fix: Unable to Change Default Program Extension on Windows 7

December 26, 2011!+Mail

How To Recover When Thunderbird Is Broken

December 20, 2011 freeware

December 19, 2011

Qualys’ Browser Check

December 14, 2011

Performs a security analysis of your browser and its plugins to identify any security issues.

How to Manually Remove a Virus When Your Computer Won’t Work

December 14, 2011

Check the following for malicious entries.

AutoStart Entry Points in Windows

Changes to Shell Open Command

Reset Your Password in OS X

December 13, 2011

For Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger:

Insert your OS X DVD that came with your computer or use the disk you purchased to upgrade your original OS X and restart your Mac. Hold down the "option" key during the restart until you see the Startup Manager. Double-click the "Install Mac OS X" icon. Once the installer has loaded, choose utilities and then click restart.

After the installer loads, choose "Utilities" and select "Reset Password". Follow the instructions provided in the utility to reset the admin password.

For Mac OS X Lion:

Restart your Mac and hold down the Command-R keys as soon as the restart begins. Keep holding the keys until the Apple Logo appears.

The reset password utility is hidden in OS X Lion but is still accessible. After the startup sequence completed your should see the "Recovery HD" utility. Once in the utility, open a terminal window and type resetpassword and press the return key. Follow the instructions provided in the reset password utility to reset the administrator password.

Windows Defender Offline – A.K.A. Microsoft System Sweeper

December 13, 2011

This version is also compatible with Windows 8.

Free Online File Converters

December 10, 2011

Touchpad Blocker

December 5, 2011